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El Pelaire is Javier and Ana’s life dream comes true. This project backs to 2003 after their personal experience holidaying in the area, where the splendour and magic of the landscape together with its people’s hospitality. Huge amounts of enthusiasm have been poured on every little corner of this house and would now be only delighted to share it with you.
Cumplido10 years have sleep this and want to continue sharing with you for this reason, We remind you that you can travel with your pet and you can rent the whole house to enjoy with your group of friends or organize a course or meeting. Also a perfect place to hold course gatherings since the house has a capacity for up to 16 people. A living room area is at your disposal for indoor activities or simply when it comes to organise your outdoor ones..
We want to keep growing, bet on this being our guests the cornerstone of our dream.
In its origin, It was the home of the "Pelaire", a craftsman who was always concerned about ensuring the dreams of their neighbors, mullendo, hollowing and filling wool mattresses. Today, We keep this spirit with our guests. As well as our mattress maker you can expect the same caring spirit from us. an open and familiar approach to all kind of adventurous people who wish to stay and enjoy our different mood rooms.
– Enjoy the first gleams of daylight at dawn
– The oriental calm
– The peaceful Mediterranean Sea
– The sophistication of a boudoir parisienne
– The exotic Byzantine Imperium
– The joy of the newborn spring